Admin Menu Editor

Use the “Admin Menu Editor” functionality to remove admin menus from your WordPress site. You can configure admin menu settings against a role and when a user who belong in that role login to your site, they won’t see the admin menus removed using Admin Menu Editor.

Access the “Admin Menu Editor” screen using the “Menu Editor” item under “Roles” menu.

Admin Menu Editor can only remove access, it can not grant access to a menu. For a menu item to appear for a user, the user should have the capability the menu is added against.

Override Role – The role the menu editor is configured against.

Allow URL Access – Even though the menu item is removed, the page will be accessible using its URL.

Hide New Menus – Any menu added after the menu editor configuration save will be removed.

Disable For Secondary Role – If the currently configured role is a secondary role to the user, then this configuration will be disabled.

If you want to restore the menus to it’s original configuration, select “Restore default” from “Copy from” dropdown and click apply. This will remove the menu configuration data saved against that role.

You can also use the “Copy from” dropdown to copy other role’s configuration.

Mouse over the “i” icon to see the menu slug and capability the menu item is added against.

Mapped Capabilities

For some menu items, there could be more than one capability listed. For example, “manage_post_tags -> manage_categories”. This means that, the menu item is added using the capability “manage_post_tags”, but “manage_post_tags” is mapped to “manage_categories”. So “manage_categories” is the capability required by the user for the menu to appear.