Navigation Menu Permissions

Navigation menu permissions functionality allows you to set permissions against navigation menu items(front-end menus). While you are in the menu editing page, you will see the “User Restriction” field within each menu item edit box.

These fields allow you to set the permissions for that menu item. Navigation menu item will be hidden or visible to a user based on the permission you selected against that user type.

Navigation menu permissions don’t limit visitors from accessing the page by directly typing the URL. To limit access to a page take a look into Extended Permissions.

Permission Types

All Users: When a menu item is set for “All Users”, that menu item will displayed for all users of your site.

Logged In Users: When a menu item is set for “Logged in Users”, that menu item will be displayed only for users who are logged into your site.

Guest Users: When a menu item is set for “Guest Users”, that menu item will be displayed only for users who are not logged into your site.

Users By Role: When you select this option, you will be able to select a list of roles. Any user who belongs to any one of the selected roles will be able to see the menu item.

Administrator role is selected by default and cannot be removed in “Users By Role” mode.

Parent Child Menu Permission

If a menu item is under a parent menu, then the user should have permission to see the parent menu for the child menu to be visible.

Navigation Menu Permissions Capability

edit_nav_menu_permissions” capability is required to access the user restrictions section. This is a WPFront created capability. By default, this capability is enabled only for the Administrator role. When a user who does not have this capability is editing the menu, they won’t see the permissions section. But the existing permissions will persist and they will be applied as long as the menu item is not deleted.

Navigation Menu Permission Settings

To disable navigation menu permissions, enable the “Disable Navigation Menu Permissions” setting on the “Settings” page. This will completely disable this functionality.

When other plugins or your current theme is interfering with the navigation menu permissions functionality, you will see a warning on the “Settings” page. Try enabling the ‘Override Navigation Menu Permissions’ setting to give precedence to the permissions created from the User Role Editor plugin.