User Post Permissions

User post permissions allows you to remove the access of a user to posts, pages or custom posts in your WordPress site. All access will be revoked, including view access. The only information you need to configure user post permissions are the post IDs.

You have an option to allow view access to the posts/pages/custom posts only on your site’s front end.

You can configure user post permissions through the user’s edit page. Once you are in the user edit page, you will be able to see a section called “Post Permissions”. Enter the post IDs in the “Deny access to these posts” field, which will revoke the user’s access to those posts.

If you want to allow the user to view those posts only on the front end of your site, enable “Allow posts on front end” field.

If front end access is denied, then the user will be presented with the “Not Found/HTTP 404” page when they access the URL of the post, page or custom post.

Updating User Post Permissions in Bulk

If you want to update multiple users record with the same user post permissions data, then it can be done easily through Bulk Edit. Once you are in the Bulk Edit screen, select “User Post Permissions”.