“create” Capabilities

By default WordPress uses the “edit” capability under a post type to check whether the current user has permission to create and edit posts under that post type.

The “create” capabilities functionality allows you to split this into two different capabilities. A create capability to allow create permission and existing edit capability to allow edit permission.

For example, without the “create” capability, WordPress uses “edit_posts” to check a user’s permission to create and edit “Posts“. After the “create” capability, WordPress will use “create_posts” to check for create permission and “edit_posts” for edit permission.

For “Pages“, the capabilities will be “create_pages” and “edit_pages“.

If you have a custom post type named “download“, then the capabilities will be “create_downloads” and “edit_downloads“.

This functionality is enabled by default. As soon as you activate the User Role Editor plugin, “create” capabilities are injected into your WordPress site with the default value of “edit” capabilities. There is no setting to enable or disable this functionality.

create” capabilities functionality is a PRO feature. These capabilities will still appear in the free version for backward compatibility. But enabling or disabling this capability doesn’t make any difference in the free version.

#PRO feature