“read_others” Capabilities

read_others” capabilities are WPFront introduced capabilities in your WordPress site. These capabilities allows you to limit a user from accessing other user’s posts, pages, media or custom posts.

For example, if a user doesn’t have the “read_others_posts” capability, then that user won’t be able to see posts created by other users once they login. If that user tries to access the post using its URL, it will result into a “Not Found“/HTTP 404 error.

For “Pages“, the capability will be “read_others_pages“.

For “Media“, the capability will be “read_others_attachments“.

If you have a custom post type named “download“, then the corresponding capability will be “read_others_downloads“.

read_others” capabilities functionality is a PRO feature. These capabilities will still appear in the free version for backward compatibility. But enabling or disabling this capability doesn’t make any difference in the free version.

#PRO feature