Post Types UI

Use the “Post Types” screen to manage the post types in your WordPress site including default post types and custom post types.

Access the post types screen using “Post Types” menu link under “Roles”.

“post”, “page” and “attachment” are WordPress default post types and you are not allowed to delete them.

WordPress default post types

The list table on the post types screen will display all the post types exist in your WordPress site.


Name – This is the name used by WordPress to identify this post type.

Label – Used by WordPress to display this post type.

Source – The source of the post type. Possible values are the following.

  • Built-in – This is a default/built-in post type in WordPress.
  • Other – This post type was created by a plugin/theme.
  • User Defined – This post type was created from this screen.

Taxonomies – The list of taxonomies assigned to this post type.

Active – Whether this post type is active in your site.

Edited – Whether the post type is edited from this screen or from other places like customize capabilities in role add/edit screen.

Row Actions

Edit – Click on the “Edit” link to edit the post type.

Clone – Allows you to copy the settings to a new post type.

Delete – To delete the post type from your WordPress site.

Restore – You can restore edited post types to it’s original state by restoring it.

Deactivate – Allows you to remove the post type from your site without deleting it.

Activate – To reactivate a deactivated post type.